Yoko geri
Side kick
Yoko Geri
(Side Kick)

This kick is one of
the most powerful in Karate.

It has two basic forms Kiagi (snap) and Kekomi (thrust). It has many different forms of delivery. It can be presented as a Mae Geri (front Kick) then quickly changed into its 'side on' form by a twist of the hips. Chinese practitioners often bring the knee further back and to the side before delivery. Another common delivery is from Shika Dachi where the legs are crossed prior to delivery.

The support leg should be kept slightly bent and the knee turned away from the direction of the kick. This avoids injury to the Medial and Lateral ligaments of the knee by allowing the knee to flex naturally. Consideration should also be made to the position of the hips in relation to the back (especially when kicking a bag) as the huge impact can damage a poorly aligned spine.

There are
a variety of
Kamae (Guard)
positions for the
hands and arms.

Some useful stretches for improving flexibility for Yoko Geri.


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